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Today, we have decided to partner with an artist who shares the same values as us to offer you exceptional Workshops once a month by connecting different universes!

#SUNDAYSVIBE ! The goal ? Continue to connect and share around dance by offering a wide choice of influences. Every first Sunday of the month a workshop with 2 teachers, never the same style, never the same teacher: It's up to you to join us to deepen your world, get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself or simply share a good time around a passion that drives us all here DANCE! Thanks to Laura Toniol for trusting us and supporting us on this project, we're going to do cool stuff together! Reserve these Sundays already, the teachers will be announced soon, there will be some for ALL STYLES, Hip hop, contemporary, Afro, Dancehall ... Be ready! : See you in January 2021!

Laura Toniol

The workshops are organized in collaboration with Laura Toniol, an artist who aspires to the same objectives of our association and with whom we also share the same values.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Laura Toniol, 25-year-old teacher, dancer and choreographer, teaches contemporary hip-hop fusion in 6 schools on the French Riviera (Diamond School, Millenium Dance Center, Dance District, L'Atelier Center de danse and Strace Dance Center) . She followed a professional training at CID Vandelli-Masson for 2 years during which she obtained her EAT jazz then her contemporary EAT. It was then that she moved to New York for almost two years. She joined the ISVP at the Broadway Dance Center, training which she graduated with a diploma of excellence. During this period, she created a piece for the BDC Performance Project, which was subsequently performed in Times Square, she was also an event choreographer for several months at the Lumpus Room, a nightclub in Manhattan. She then returned to the south of France, 2 years ago, to teach contemporary hip-hop fusion.

At the moment, she multiplies the projects in: numerous internships notably in Paris (LAX Studio, Studio Harmonic) internship, participation in the World of Dance in Switzerland in December as co-choreographer and in the World of Dance in Germany in April as the sole choreographer.

Her style is the result of all the influences she encountered during her career; it mixes the fluidity of the contemporary with hip-hop musicality and gestures. She uses each sound of music which then defines a different quality of movement and her most logical bodily response to whatever she hears in music. His work is also based a lot on improvisation so that each dancer finds his own artistic, alone or in a group. She likes to know that in all her classes, her students are safe from the slightest judgment and progress thanks to themselves and to the supports provided by a group: "I try to make them understand that they must always give the best of themselves without wasting time comparing themselves to others And that they must always push their limits to surprise themselves and a spectator.

These are the most important things she learned from her experience in the United States and it definitely changed her view of teaching; pure sharing of passion.