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To continue promoting the exchange even during the quarantine, you will have the chance to take some private classes online limited to 4 people for having the best learning environment as possible!

This a unique opportunity to discover or improve a style of dance in a completely personalized way. Doesn't matter your location, that's why it's so cool! You can follow a class fully guided by a professor from your home! Seems dope, right?


How much does it cost ?
To support teachers who will take the time to share their passion with you, the course is only € 10 per person. Due to the limited places, it's mandatory to register by email: sharethevibe06@gmail.com . Be careful, you have to notify your name & surname in your email! First applicant, first chosen!

If you wish to take a course with friends or family, it's possible to register up to 4!

*no refund or exchange possible if you miss the class