our story

Created in December 2018, Share The Vibe is the result of the meeting of 3 dynamic women: Nina Payrat, Valentine Chiquet and Colette Le Cudennec. For each of them, dance has been or always is an integral part of their lives. But more than the approach of this art, it's their determination and their common vision of the world which pushed them to develop and launch the project: Share The Vibe.


Dance has always been practiced in different culture. Often associated with the expression of emotions, over the years dance has evolved thanks to new cultural and human influences. Today, we want to share our love for dance with all the people whose dance is part of their daily life: enthusiasts, amateurs or professionals.


Share The Vibe started by offering a 2 days Dance Camp in August 2019 supported by the city of Cannes. Today, we want to continue developing Share The Vibe by spread the vision of dance as a sharing moment with passionate people. We enjoy to see our events as a simple conversation between dancers and the teachers.

Our values


Mix and connect the different communities of dancers during an event to bring them together. No competition only love of dance.




Allow to discover French but also international teachers with well defined universes evolving in different dance styles.



Give dancers more opportunities to express themselves through dedicated events.



Mix different communities of dancers to create a connection between them. In addition, allow them to have a new vision of themselves and others.


Contribute to the artistic development of dance world by offering intensive training.


Create a community of dancers who want to develop the art of dance in all its forms.


Promote the opportunities offered by dance events on the French Riviera.